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Lyrics to the Song Brickman from the album Greetings To Andromeda. Requiem 2020


Standing naked

In the empty kitchen

Fridge wide open

Dull window

No view to an outside

Out of sight on the inside

Sitting on a chair

At the table

Facing an empty chair

With the best china

For a dead diner

Ticking timer …

Blood’s freezing in the veins

Hands in chains

Limbs stiff like bricks

Timer ticks

Open fridge with

Full bottles of Red Wine

I can’t drink this time

I can’t drink this time

I am the Brickman

Brickman walking down the street

Brickman going to work

Brickman uttering words

Brickman singing a song

Brickman getting along

Brickman talking to friends

Facing an end

I am the Brickman

Brickman floating above

Brickman giving love

Brickman underground

Brickman losing the sound

Brickman falling asleep

And dreaming a dream

Brickman losing the heart

Falling apart

Lyrics by Nadja Zela | all rights reserved | SUISA

© Photography by NASA


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