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Nadja Zela

«Greetings to Andromeda. Requiem», 2020 (Patient Records)

«Immaterial World», 2016 (Patient Records)

«Wrong Side of Town», 2012 (Patient Records)

«CiaoAmore», CD 2009 (Patient Records)

«4 spur Songs», CD 2001 (Daisycutter) 


Fifty Foot Mama

«Hard and Soul», 2007 (

«Der Freund» Soundtrack zum Film
von Micha Lewinsky (song: «Go Away you crazy Diamond»)



«Emptiness / Without me», Vinyl-Single 2004

«The Pillow Mountain» 2002 (makeUp/recrec)

«13 Songs Net» 2000 (makeUp/recrec)

«Dynamo» 4-track-Vinyl-Maxi-Single 1999

«Ohrewürm»: Ruumschiff, 1999 (Tudor)



«The Comic Opera of our Real Days» CD 1997 (Glow/Tudor)    

«Live at the Studio» LP 1998 (Irish Mooncake)


The Roundabouts    

«Haven Afar» CD 1993  (zytglogge)

«Sound Summer Sessions» Kassette 1994 (Radio DRS3)


The Whooshings    

«Tschüss-Zäme-Tape» Kassette 1992

«Child/Mask» Vinyl-Single 1991 (SSR-Label)

«Mask» 8-Track-Demotape 1989




Tandem-Projekt with visual artist und musician Ella Malherbe 2023

L'Air Maureen

Album Production, Recording, Mixing, Release on Patient Records 2023
(in Cooperation with Roland Strobel and Michel Lehner)

Ariane Koch

Literature Live Performance for «Die Aufdrängung» 2022–2023)

Susanna Schwager

Literature Live Readings for «Freudenfrau» and «Das halbe Leben»  (2014–2017)

Theater Hora – Bobs Dylan‘s 115ter Traum

Tour 2018/2019 (guitar, bass, performance)

Songwriting Coach, Matronatskommitee


Moderation for Live-Music-Night 2021

Jingle for «Intopolitics», Videoclip «Wanna Be With You»

Anna Luif

Videoclip «Still Alive» 2016, Concept, Production



Fieber 2014 (guest singer/writer)



«Three Sisters» 2013 (Song and performance with

Fiona Daniel and Vera Kappeler for a Nits tribute night)

The Calling Sirens

Tour 2014 «Rough Souvenir» (vocals, guitar, live tour)


Los Dos 

«In the Jungle» 2014, (vocals, live tour)


Denise Wintsch

«Alle Tage sind Alltage» 2010 (music for the theatre play)


Big Zis

«ich waart» 2008 (guest singer/writer)

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