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Back To Gods Country

Lyrics to the Song Back to Gods Country from the album Greetings To Andromeda. Requiem 2020

Back To God’s Country

Crawling on the floor

Pick up the crumbs of hope

They want to see me sane

But it’s just time that I gain

Body … Decline … Space … Time

Ride the breaking waves

On the ocean of fears

Queen of a sinking ship

They want to see me high

With my angel wings worn by Joan of Arc

I rise up in to the sky but I fly into dark

Body … Decline … Space … Time

The secret truth is

I just want to die

I just want to die

I just want to die

But I try

I just try

I just try to live on

I see the light

I see the light of you

I know I can

Follow you

I can


Follow you

Lyrics by Nadja Zela | all rights reserved | SUISA

© Photography by NASA


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