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Cover My Face

Lyrics to the Song Cover My Face from the album Greetings To Andromeda. Requiem 2020

Cover my face

Who’s in charge for a shut down heart

Tell me what to do

There’s no one to accuse and no one to blame

It all remains the same

Day by day you’re still away

Valerian and butterbur

They put me to sleep with my too young heart in a fur

But I don’t sleep no more in this empty bed

Waiting all night long

Hoping that maybe in the darkness

You’ll find out your mistake and come home

You are somewhere out there

I’m the sound of your call

Turn around

Two million light years behind

I’m the sound of your call

You know

I’ve been a sinner and mean

But I was with you

Your nightmare, your dream

Your team, your mate in love and hate

Now communicate

I see your face

Now you’re in a different state

Star powder gone to outer space

Give me a sign

Make some noise

Tickle the lights till they flicker at night

Tickle the lights

Tickle the lights

I’m longing for you

Longing for you

For your embrace

Cover my face

Appear to me please

Come into my dreams

Some say you made it

My pupils dilated

Like searchlights in the night

Waiting for you to materialize

I cover my face

Cover my face

Cover my face

Take off for space

Lyrics by Nadja Zela | all rights reserved | SUISA

© Photography by NASA


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