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Travel With Starlight

Lyrics to the Song Travel With Starlight from the album Greetings To Andromeda. Requiem 2020

Travel with Starlight

On your little paper note

Invisible ink turns blue

Come over child don’t cry

And slip under my big blanket

The letters can not stick to the lines

They crumble and fall into time

And the things you fear most are so close

Time devours all the whine

In the darkness little ghosts will shine

It’s cozy and warm here

So just hide

Cause this could be true

Or untrue

Your eyes are blind like

The ones of a little puppy

Puppy, I’ll take you

I’ll take you in my arms

Rest my child and don’t cry

The things you fear most are so close

Travel with starlight

Travel with starlight

The monster behind the door

Is now your guardian ghost

The dead are so close

Closer than the living

The end is a beginning

Now walk away from me

It’s too near

And nothing is as overwhelming

As the loss of

Love and fear

Lyrics by Nadja Zela | all rights reserved | SUISA

© Photography: The New York Public Library

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